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It's hard to tell what's real news and what's fake these days, especially on the internet. Trusted News helps you spot fake or suspicious news.

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Our sources

Trusted News is powered by MetaCert's MetaCert Protocol, and uses independent, politically objective data sources to measure the truthfulness of news content.

Trusted News at a glance

The Trusted News icon uses a traffic light system to show the credibility of content on a given website.

Special states

In addition, Trusted News can inform you about content that is intended as satire as well as websites that are potentially suspicious or malicious.

The team

Who is behind Trusted News and why should I trust you?

Trusted News is developed by the team behind Adblock Plus. We believe in user choice and a free and open internet for all. Our products are open source, so you can always see what we're up to. Please feel free to get in touch with us with any questions about Trusted News.

Who is MetaCert?

MetaCert is an independent organization committed to internet safety.

How do our sources rate websites?

Ratings are based on data compiled by several independent sources.

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